Frequently Asked Questions

The “trailers” of yesteryear have evolved into today’s sturdy Manufactured Homes, built to exacting nationwide HUD-rated standards. Manufactured Homes and Mobile Homes are often used to refer to the same type of housing choice. However, “Manufactured” is the accurate term, since these homes are built in a controlled factory setting to stringent HUD-code standards. They are only “mobile” as they move from the factory to the homesite, where they are securely anchored to the ground, and become permanent structures. A Modular Home is also built in a factory and transported to the homesite, where it is permanently installed. However, it differs from a Manufactured Home in several ways: the building code it is built to, where it can be placed, and the foundation it is placed upon.

Beginning with designing your own floorplan, or adapting an existing one to better suit your needs, Jacobsen Homes’ flexibility allows LeeCorp Homes to help you create a unique Florida home. Once the floorplan is finalized, customers soon discover the wide range of options available in site-built homes are also available in a Jacobsen Homes-built Manufactured or Modular Home. Selecting a Manufactured Home at LeeCorp is a step-by-step process that includes fine-tuning your floorplan and choosing from many interior and exterior options, resulting in a home that is personally designed just for you.

Turn-key means that LeeCorp Homes can handle all aspects of your new Florida manufactured home. We begin your Florida Manufactured Housing experience by helping you visualize not just the home, but also its placement on the homesite and what additional structures will enhance the home. We are happy to visit your homesite, take measurements, and provide several options for you to choose from. Screen rooms, carports or garages, utility sheds, concrete and landscaping will all add to the beauty and enjoyment of your Florida home. LeeCorp, in partnership with our sister company, LCH Enterprises, can design, engineer, and build the exterior additions to your Manufactured Home. Because we are a full-service company, LeeCorp, working with LCH Enterprises, is able to provide a complete Manufactured Home package. We also provide a Quote Sheet that details everything LeeCorp will be doing, so there will be no surprises at closing. All you have to do is add furniture and move into your new Florida home. Our goal is that you will be pleased with your experience with us from the beginning to the completion of your home and beyond, and that you will recommend us to your friends. Our philosophy is that we don’t just build Florida Manufactured Homes, we also build relationships.

Once customers have finalized the floorplan, selected the options, and signed the sales contract, LeeCorp places the home into the Jacobsen Homes’ building schedule. When your home is ready, it is transported by LCH Enterprises (CBC#1256560)  to the homesite. In approximately 2 to 3 months your Florida Manufactured Home can be completely ready for you to bring your furniture and move in. Because Lee Corp Homes and LCH Enterprises have complete charge of the entire process, we can assure that your Florida home is completed in a timely, quality-controlled manner.

Once customers have finalized the floorplan, selected the options and signed the sales contract, LeeCorp places the home into FEMA codes and individual county codes dictate the height of the Manufactured Housing placement. If the home is not being placed in a flood zone, a minimum of 36″ from ground to floor level is used. This is considered a “standard set” for a Manufactured Home in Southwest Florida. In a Flood Zone, the minimum placement is 54″ from ground to floor level. This is considered a “high set,” and is an additional charge. Homes can be set at higher levels, if a customer desires that.

Concrete pier structures of 8′ to 10′ are also available and allow the home to be safe in flood areas, as well as utilizing the area beneath for parking, workshops or storage. Both County and the Manufactured Housing community regulations would determine whether or not concrete pier structures could be constructed on the homesite.

Long-term financing and Homeowner’s Insurance are both readily available for Florida Manufactured Housing. LeeCorp Homes does not offer financing or insurance, but we can help you find reliable sources for both. A current listing of financing and insurance providers is maintained by LeeCorp, and can be obtained by clicking Contact Us, or calling (800) 428-1318 to request the information. 

A double wide Park Model is simply a smaller double wide HUD-built Manufactured Home specifically designed to be under 1,000 square feet, a requirement for homesites in RV parks. Double wide Park Models can be placed in RV parks in Florida counties that have approved this type of structure, depending on the size of the RV lot. Previously in these RV parks, a single wide factory-built Park Model would be installed, and then a site-built addition would be added to enlarge the home. This is a more costly and time-consuming approach to achieving more living space on an RV lot. Double wide Park Models are specifically designed to create 2 bed/2 bath homes that are factory-built to go together, are quickly installed and meet RV park requirements for home size. We be pleased to supply you with a list of RV parks in Southwest Florida that will allow you to install a double wide Park Model. Click on Contact Us, or call (800) 428-1318 for more information.

Because most of the Manufactured Housing parks in Florida were developed in the 1960s to 1980s, these parks have highly desirable homesites with older, out-of-code Manufactured Homes on them, especially in waterfront communities. LeeCorp Homes specializes in removing these older homes (which unfortunately have no value as Florida state codes will not allow them to be re-sited in Florida) and installing a newer, safer and more beautiful 21st century home. We are experienced in all aspects of demolition and disposal of the older home and any exterior structures, as well as the ordering and installation of a new Manufactured Home. An additional benefit to replacing an older home in a Manufactured Housing community is that County impact fees charged for new homes do not need to be paid, as they were initially paid when the first home was installed. This can result in an up to $20,000 savings on the installation costs of the replacement home, depending on the County where the home is placed.

Every factory-constructed manufactured home sold in Florida not only matches the strength of site-built homes, but actually exceeds them by as much as 25%.Factory-built homes manufactured and sold in Florida meet criteria based on the highest wind safety standard of them all, known as ASCE 7-88. Site-built homes must conform only to state or local requirements for strength and wind-resistance. The design and construction of all Florida manufactured home are monitored through HUD and their agent, Housing and Building Technology (HBT), and by the State Bureau of Manufactured Housing Construction, insuring the highest quality and safety standards. You don’t get this assurance with any site-built home. Further information available at *FMHA – Florida Manufactured Housing Association.

We have placed Manufactured Homes in over 60 different Manufactured Housing and RV communities in Collier (Naples), Lee (Ft. Myers) and Charlotte (Punta Gorda) Counties in Southwest Florida. We have placed homes on remaining open homesites in existing Manufactured Housing communities, and replaced older homes in these communities. Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast now has an expanded LeeCorp Homes’ presence into the North Port, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Sarasota, and Englewood areas. Our North Port office is open to help you with your new Florida home. Existing parks, often with desirable waterfront sites, offer exciting replacement home opportunities in these areas.Very little private property zoned for Manufactured Housing is available in Southwest Florida, making replacement homes in existing Manufactured Housing communities an attractive option. We also developed the idea of double wide Park Models, allowing us to offer the option of 2 bed/2 bath homes in RV communities. This allows RV owners to convert their RV to a more permanent structure for the Florida winter season.

Please call us at (800) 428-1318 for a list of possible locations for Manufactured Housing and RV Parks where lots may be available for sale. you may also e-mail us at and a list will be sent to you.

Jacobsen Homes offers a one-year from closing and/or move-in date warranty for defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions on the manufactured home itself. The air conditioning unit is warranted by the manufacturer, which is explained in the manual that come with the unit. LeeCorp Homes’ Warranty Specialist relays warranty concerns to the manufacturer and follows up with both manufacturer and customers to be sure the issues have been addressed to the customers’ satisfaction. LeeCorp Homes warranties all the aspects of the exterior package for defects in material and workmanship under normal conditions for one year from closing and/or move-in date.

In addition, Jacobsen Homes provides a one-year HALO protection warranty, which warrants the Structure, Electrical System, Plumbing System, and Heating and Air Conditioning System. Jacobsen provides a warranty policy that covers the structure integrity of the home for 10 years. We are proud of our top-quality Manufactured Homes and Park Models, and work hard to be sure our customers are just as satisfied.